Philip Birget

Philip Birget

PhD student

Ph. +44 131 650 8642 


I am investigating parasite strategies for survival and reproduction, especially focusing on the trade-offs that malaria parasites experience between both. I shall be creating models of the process topped with delicious experimentally obtained rodent insights and insides.

The study of Plasmodium & Co has shaped a large part of my active research career. Inspired by the infectious cycle of malaria, I started with studies on hosts (Bachelor’s Project), moved on to mosquitoes (Master's Thesis) and have ended up working on the parasite (PhD).

In the past, I Ramboed my way through the Peruvian cloud forest to look at altitudinal gradients of malaria infections in tropical birds. I chased house sparrows in the boggy Camargue of South of France to see which effects avian malaria parasites have on the sexiness of males. During my master’s thesis, reason took over and activating my dormant mathematical brain, I constructed models of how insecticide-treated bed nets influence malaria transmission and affect mosquito genetics in terms of insecticide-resistance evolution. For my PhD I am investigating parasite strategies of survival and reproduction, especially focusing on the trade-offs between in-host replication and between-host transmission. 

Furthermore I am interested in ecology and evolution in its broadest sense. I am fascinated by gut bacterial systems and as a qualified Luxembourgish bird ringer and trainer, I contribute to generating and analysing terabites of migration ecology data of my home ringing station (

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2013 - present
FNR (Fond national de la Recherche) -funded PhD fellowship, University of Edinburgh

Msc in Quantitative Biology, Imperial College London

BA Biological Sciences, University of Oxford (St Peter’s College)

University of St Andrews

Lycée de Garçons Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg