Samuel Rund

Samuel Rund

Royal Society Newton International Fellow and Centre for Immunity, Infection & Evolution fellow

ph. +44 131 650 8642

My work focuses on understanding how daily biological rhythms function and interact in the context of disease and disease transmission, particularly in insect-transmitted diseases. 

Biological clocks (“circadian rhythms”) underlie diverse biological processes including detoxification, behaviour, and sensory processes. These rhythms allow organisms to adjust to an environment that can change dramatically over the 24 hour day. Disruption (such as “jet-lag”) of these rhythms has serious consequences to the organism; and there are, for example, time-of-day specific effects to drug efficacy and insecticide toxicity.

I work on understanding how daily biological rhythms function and interact in the context of disease and disease transmission, particularly in insect-transmitted diseases; as well as on the basic physiology and behaviour of the mosquito. Disruption or exploitation of natural rhythms in the host, vector, or even pathogen could lead to novel disease interventions.

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This paper was featured on the AAAS Science Update podcast, Sept 20, 2013 This paper was featured on The Scientist’s, “Speaking of Science” feature, Oct. 1, 2013

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This paper was featured in the International Pest Control magazine. September/October 2011, page 243. Link (requires subscription). A figure from this paper is reproduced in the 3rd edition of Animal Physiology (Hill, Wyse, and Anderson, 2012).

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2014 - present
University of Edinburgh, UK Postdoctoral Fellow

2008 - 2014
University of Notre Dame, USA PhD Biology Vector and Circadian Biology

2004 - 2008
DePauw University, USA Bachelor of Arts Major: Biochemistry, Minor: Computer Science Science Research Fellow (Honors Program)